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Soft Tissue Injection Therapy

Training at Bastyr - Fall 2017

Training at MIC - Spring 2018

The goal of this class:

  1. Improve the skills and knowledge of practitioners.

  2. Make sure to learn safe and effective treatment.

  3. Learn the risk (side effect such as nerve damage, sore muscle, and allergic reaction) and benefit of higher intervention treatment.

  4. Make sure to know to continue the training. Please consider to join Naturopathic Regenerative Medicine Associates

Description of the course:

There is not enough time in MSK module, Orthopedics class to discuss further treatments. Students will learn advanced naturopathic physical medicine treatments. The goal is for students to be able to provide the service that they learn in this class at the offsite physical medicine shift, Masa Integrative Clinic (MIC).


Students need to have completed MSK module. Students need to be in clinic, and to be a primary. This class will be requirement to be on the offsite physical medicine shift at MIC.

Course competencies/Objectives:

  1. Develop confidence in advanced naturopathic physical medicine knowledge, skills and techniques to treat simple and complex musculoskeletal conditions
    Develop confidence in further diagnosing simple and complex musculoskeletal disorders.

  2. Understand resources for selection of appropriate advanced naturopathic physical medicine treatment

  3. Understand the risk and benefit of advanced naturopathic physical medicine and necessity of referral

  4. Develop confidence in prescribing diet and nutrient therapy for musculoskeletal conditions

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