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31st Kinesio Clinical Symposium

31st Annual Kinesio Taping Clinical Symposium

Dr. Masa was an instructor at a Kinesio Taping seminar held in Japan over November 2016. There he gave lectures to Japanese KinesioTaping instructors and presented a progress report of his research at the 31st Annual Kinesio Taping Clinical Symposium. 

2017 Kinesio Research Symposium

Kinesio Research Symposium 2017

Congratulations to our IMG practitioners who presented at the 2017 Kinesio Research Symposium held in Hawaii in October 2017. 

Gaelic Football research was awarded Best Original Research at 2019 American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians in Salt Lake City, Utah

Best Original REsearch

2019 ACBSP symposium

Congratulation to IMG doctors for publishing this article. 

It was great to work with Seattle Gaels and All Gaelic players.

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Gaelic Game article publicatin 2019

Congratulation to IMG doctors for publishing this article. 

Manual Tissue Direction Test (MTDT) can be a great addition to your practice.

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MTDT article
Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 9.00.24 AM.png

Congratulation to IMG doctors, Dr Masa and Dr Jessica for publishing this article. 
"Dry Needling and Trigger Points Local Twitch Response"

Full Text

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 8.50.41 AM.png
Dry Needlig and Trigger Pioins LTR
Systematized Review LTR

Congratulation to IMG doctor, Dr Masa and his colleague, Dr Chao, Dr Aimee, and Dr Veronica for publishing this article. 
"Systematized Review of Local Twitch Response "

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